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Shenhuayang Technology (HK) Co., Ltd

marine AIS class A transponder with 12.5W output FT-8800

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marine AIS class A transponder with 12.5W output FT-8800


Offer Type: Sell

Offer Category: Audio & Video Appliances  -  Other

Offer Post Time: 2017-07-22

Serial Code:

Model: FT-8800


Carriage: HK

Package: CARTON

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit

Price: 1120.00 USD



Main performance 
FT-8800 is a universal ship bone AIS equipment, navigation and ship data information exchange with
other ships and shore stations 
This device complies with A.694 (17), IEC62287-1 2006-03 standard requirements. 
FT-8800 consists of transceiver unit, display control unit, VHF antenna and GPS antenna and related accessories 
Transceiver unit consists of 1 VHF transmitter, 2 TDMA receiver, 
A channel 70 DSC receiver, an interface, communication processor, built-in GPS receiver. 

Main information 
AIS provided automatic exchange of navigational information with other ship or shore station to ensure
the safety of navigation . 
1)Static Data 
Call Sign and Ship name 
MMSI ( 9 digit ID) 
IMO number (if any) 
Length and Beam 
Type of Ship 
Location of GPS antenna position on ship
2)Dynamic Data 
Ship's position 
UTC (universal time coordinated) 
COG (Course Over Ground) 

SOG (Speed Over Ground) 
Navigation status (manual input data / code) 
Rate of Turn (if any) 
3) Voyage data 
Dangerous Cargo 
Destination and ETA 
4) Safety-related short message information 


Main Functions 
1Automatic Identification System (AIS) function 
Own ship static , dynamic and voyage data, send, receive and display information 
Static data include: MMSI no., vessel name, call sign, IMO number, ship type, ship size, GPS antenna position, Flag, etc.; 
Dynamic Data include: latitude and longitude, speed, heading, turn rate, navigational status and time; 
Navigation information including: draft, type of dangerous cargo, port of destination and estimated time of arrival 
Message to send, receive and display (including Chinese Information) 

2Target ship approaching alarm function 
Distance setting how far target approaching to own ship , 
Approaching to own ship , LED flashing and visual alarm prompt 
Approaching to own ship Voice broadcasting tips (0.1-6.0 nm can be set) 
Approaching to own ship audio alarm sounding alert (0.1-6.0 nautical miles can be set) 

3Target ship information display function 
List of shows target ship (range, azimuth and 9 ID no.) 
Vector diagram shows the target ship (0.1 to 48 nautical miles range selection) 
Enlarged to show the target ship data information 
To target ship data information in detail 


4GPS navigation function 
Ship's position, speed, heading, time, and date display; 
Waypoints stored with the call; 
Display Port of destination and azimuth , range , estimated time of arrival 
Navigation arrival to destination if course deviated will alarms and tips; 


Technical specifications 
1. Main unit : 

RF unit: 1 transmitter / 3 receivers 
Frequency range: 156.025-162.025MHz 
Channel bandwidth: 25KHz or 12.5KHz 
Frequency tolerance: ± 1000Hz 
Display screen: FSTN122 (W) × 92 (H) mm (6.0 inches) 
Power Supply : 12V DC or 24V DC 
Operating Temperature: -15  ~ +55  
Dimensions: 235 (W) * 145 (H) * 70 (D) mm 

2. AIS transmitter section 
Output power : 2W or 12.5W changeable 
Modulation spectrum : <-25dBw / <-60dBw 
Modulation accuracy : <3400Hz (bit 0,1) 
2400Hz±480Hz(bit 2,3)
2400Hz ± 240Hz (bit 4-199 or 00001111 bit format) 
1740Hz ± 175Hz (0101-bit format) 
Power comparison time : transmit delay: 2083us (normal transmit a period of time) 
Increase the time: ≤ 313us 
Decrease the time: ≤ 313us 
Continuous transmit time :≤323333us 
Spurious emissions :-36dBm (9KHz-1GHz) 

3. AIS receiver section 

Reference sensitivity :-107dBm (package error rate ≤ 20%) 
High input tolerance :-77dBm (package error rate ≤ 2%) 
Co-channel interference : 10dB ( package error rate ≤ 20%) 
Adjacent channel selectivity : 70dB (package error rate ≤ 20%) 
Spurious response to interference: 70dB (package error rate ≤ 20%) 
Intermodulation response interference : 65dB (package error rate ≤ 20%)